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From: Cenay Nailor
Date: February 19, 2018

Dear Frustrated Blogger,

Would you like to know just how those *Top Blogs* are raking in visitors and money day after day?

Then you aren't alone. In fact, there are over 70 million blogs on the web today, with a new 120,000 created world wide, every single day. That's about 1.4 blogs created every second of every day.

And the sad truth is 90% of them will fail and be abandoned after 3 months. Why? Because most bloggers can't master a couple of simple concepts.

Simple Concept 1: Get Found

In order to get visitors, you need to be seen.

In order to be seen, you need to be listed in the organic search results of all the major search engines when someone types in a keyword and searches.

Simple Concept 2: Convert Visitors

In order to earn money from those visitors, you need to convert them into paying customers. Ideally, you want to attract people to your blog with credit card in hand, ready to buy.

If you've been blogging for any length of time, you know exactly how hard that is to do, despite what everyone has been telling you.

The truth is that blogging is a very simple and highly enjoyable way to earn money - IF you know the small, simple, *tricks of the trade*, that all highly successful bloggers use.

Well, now you can.

My name is Cenay Nailor and building highly optimized, visitor grabbing, money making blogs for a large number of wealthy companies and private individuals is just a small part of what I do. But there just aren’t enough hours in the day to set up, optimize and maintain blogs for everyone who needs my help.

If you’re prepared to sit on a waiting list and pay hundreds of dollars for me to set up a blog for you personally, then please feel free to contact me with your requirements.

But for those of you for whom time and/or money is a priority then you’ll be pleased to discover I’ve now put my expertise about setting up and running a highly successful blog into an eBook that you can download now, and have your own blog set up and running in less than a couple of hours.

Included with The Ultimate Guide To Wordpress Plugins:

Find The Missing Ingredients To Increase Your Blog Traffic

SEO and Visitor Experience, Maximized

You can do like I did, and spend years looking, testing, tracking, trialing and tweaking, mixing plugins and features. You can build blogs all across the web. You can monitor and study the results of each new change until you find the perfect mix for your blog.

Or, you can take advantage of my experience, my trials, my errors and most of all, my headaches and short cut the entire process. I document exactly how to ramp up your SEO, maximize your visitor experience and make managing your blog so much easier.

Introducing, the Ultimate Guide to Wordpress Plugins - Your Guide To A Better Blog

This book is the end result of years of research, testing, tracking and documenting everything. It's full of one on one blogging advice, including some things you should avoid.

Ultimate Guide to Wordpress Plugins is your key to creating a powerful marketing tool that will turbo-charge your traffic and have visitors waiting eagerly for your next post.

Teach Me How To Turbo-Charge My Blog Traffic

Implementing these simple strategies will:

These are just a few of the highlights in the book. But here's what really counts...what the customers and reviewers are saying about Ultimate Guide to Wordpress Plugins:


"When I started blogging I soon discovered that there are secrets to creating a successful blog. Figuring out what those secrets are is what Cenay does best. The Ultimate Guide To Wordpress Plugins exposes what is behind the scenes of all top ranking Wordpress blogs."

Dean McNamara

"I just wanted to say thanks for creating such a killer plugin directory.

Plugins are absolutely essential when it comes to blogging and Internet Marketing and you have made it an absolute snap to know which ones to use.

I was doing Ok with the information online, but since I have started using your plugin suggestions our membership site is growing by leaps and bounds.

I get emails all the time asking me how I got my membership site made and ranked at #3 so fast. Your Ultimate Guide to Wordpress Plugins has absolutely made our blog a complete success.

It was the final piece of the puzzle that took me from a few visits a day to hundreds of visitors a day ... in just a couple months!"

Carol Hansen

"Cenay Nailor has done something that many people like myself have needed for a long time. Being in Internet Marketing, it's important to get your blogs out there so people can find them.

But for someone who is not the most technical or even understand the importance of using plugins, that can be a big problem!

Cenay has fixed that with her new eBook and I can truly say it is awesome and has been a big help to me. If you want to maximize your Wordpress blog's potential, you will want to grab yourself a copy of her book."

Paul Cooley

"Well, as I'm probably the dummy of all dummies, I should thank you first off for making it simple enough even for me to understand. I actually just set up a new blog and used your book to choose which plugins to install. As you know WP used to terrify me, but these plugins make it a breeze.

But the best part - the blog is already indexed and showing on the first page of results for some pretty cool keywords! Not bad considering it's only been 'live' for a couple of weeks. I've always known you were a star with WP but this guide is going to make the rest of us WP stars too - time to watch your back girl!"

Susan Coils

"This is probably the single most valuable book that ANY blogger could own.

I am rarely impressed by anything these days, particularly eBooks, however, Cenay Nailor has absolutely NAILED IT with her new product The Ultimate Guide To Wordpress Plugins.

If you are serious about having an effective, efficient and enjoyable blogging experience, do yourself a favor and get this book!""

Luke Hawthorne

Turbo-Charge Your Blog SEO Now

Let’s get serious for a moment. The key to earning money is offering something that someone wants to the person who wants it. You can have a million visitors a day to your gardening blog, but if they’re looking for a digital camera you’re not going to earn a dime.

It’s not enough to get visitors. You want visitors that are targeted to what your blog is offering. And once you get them, you want them to stay long enough to actually find out what it is you’re offering.

And since very few folks buy on their first visit to any website, you want them to like your site so much they will come back.

And when they do come back, you want them to buy. And be so happy with their purchase they tell all their friends where they got it from and send them right on over to your site.

If you're serious about building a better blog, a blog that gets indexed and shown on the search engines almost instantly, a blog that encourages visitors to keep on returning, a blog that brands you as a trusted professional and hence increases the likelihood of them buying from you… if you are serious about all this and more, then grab the Guide To A Better Blog right now, for the introductory price of $47.

And don't worry; I know what it's like to spend money on the Internet. Without seeing the book, it seems like a gamble. So I will take all the risk. Purchase it, and if you don't love it, for any reason, I will refund your money and you get to keep the book. Period. (Though I would love to hear why, so I can improve it for future customers)


100% Iron Clad Zero Risk Garantee

The Ultimate Guide to Wordpress Plugins comes with a full 8 week money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can get a complete, fast and no-hassle refund.

That's a 56 FULL DAYS to review the book, implement the strategies outlined, install the right plugins and increase blog traffic.

There is absolutely no risk to you!

If you are not satisfied, send me an email within 56 days from your purchase and you will get your money back, no questions asked.


Come on, you know you don't want to keep fighting to get visitors to your blog, and then keep them there.

The Ultimate Guide to Wordpress Plugins is a must read for Wordpress bloggers looking to ease their *management burden*, make blogging more fun and productive and snag a little *Google Love* in the process.


Ultimate Guide to Wordpress Plugins, Your Guide To A Better Blog

YES Cenay! I need to make my blog more visible to the search engines, please help!

Please send me the 100% risk-free Ultimate Guide to Wordpress Plugins and teach me how to optimize my blog for Google, MSN, Yahoo and all the others. I really want a more productive blog that's fun again. And I want my visitors to remember me, and come back often. I'm ready, hook me up!

Ready for immediate download, just $47

I look forward to hearing your blogging success stories!

PS: Remember, if you aren't 100% satisified, I will promptly refund your money, so the risk is all mine. Hurry, this introductory price won't last.

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